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Corporate Capabilities

Infinite Options Consulting takes pride in anticipating the rapidly evolving healthcare information technology and business needs of our clients.  Our seasoned Emerging Technology Strategists consistantly deliver to our clients practical, innovative solutions to address their current and future business challenges. Our expertises spans a broad but synergistic area of specialities: 


Our technology strategist are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver practical, value-added serice to our clients.  We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a brief list of our firm's service offerings:

Interim & Permanent Leadership Placement

Our goal is to provide the advantages of an experienced CIO to healthcare organization. Our seasoned executives leverage industry leading best practices around process execution, budgeting, operational efficiencies, and improving IT decision-making.

Unlike other IT consulting firms, our focus is on helping your organization achieve its mission through planning and leadership. Our staff has been there and done it. We bring decades of industry knowledge and executive-level IT experience.

We know that not every CIO or VP of IT has 15+ years of executive IT experience. That's why we also provide ongoing executive-level mentoring to bring your leadership team up to speed

IT Strategy and Roadmap Development

A forward-thinking IT plan for your organization is critical. Aligning your business goals with your technology infrastructure is important in enabling smooth and consistent growth. We work with you to learn your business and goals in every area (Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing), then work together to form technology strategies for meeting those goals.   Understanding how your IT budget is being spent and determining the correct staffing levels are key to making IT more effective inside of the organization.

We use best in class industry techniques to review your business and its operations. Upon completion, we provide a detailed Assessment Report with recommendations tailored to your organizations specific needs.

Project & Program Managment

Our consultants help you get your IT project back on track. We have the ability to implement a fully functional PMO for your IT organization that reduces costs, create a repeatable and scalable process, and increase project success.

When planning for a new system, the vendor selection and implementation process is key. Our CIOs work with you to develop a RFP requirements document, solicit vendors, and ensure the implementation and training meets your needs.  

Industry Thought Leadership

We provide cutting-edge, experienced-based points of view on key issues via compilation of white papers and publications. In addition to having client responsibilities, our consultants spend considerable amount of time performing research, developing ideas and documenting methodologies. Individual client engagements (such as the case studies listed below) serve as a fertile ground for growth of internal knowledge base. Following are a few examples of white papers & some case studies published by our consultants:

Regulatory & Compliance

InfiniteOptions is an industry recognized health care compliance consulting firm focused on delivering high-quality, innovative and timely compliance and regulatory services to clients in the health care industry.

Some of the many ways we can work with your business associates, hospital, payors physician practice or other provider entity:

  • Develop and implement a compliance program tailored to your entity
  • Review and update your existing compliance program
  • Conduct compliance program effectiveness evaluations
  • Provide staff training on your compliance program
  • Develop and implement a HIPAA privacy program. (Required for all providers who submit electronic claims.)
  • Review existing HIPAA privacy policies and forms including your Notice of Privacy Practices.Conduct internal investigations of alleged or suspected compliance violations including interviews of involved employee
  • Act as an outsourced compliance officer for small providers
  • Provide compliance seminars and presentations

Business Intelligence & Advisory Services

Business intelligence strategy is no longer a buzz word and we frequently come across businesses where attempts to incorporate BI have already been made.  Unfortunately difficulties still exist when it comes to finding the right information at the right time.

Multiple tools, competing internal data movement and analytics, separate departmental BI strategies, disconnected data and disengaged IT stakeholders are all resulting in one thing:  

A struggle for decision makers to get access to data that can intuitively be used for fact-based decision making.

Business analytics and business intelligence consulting from InfiiteOptions provides your organization with a clear path to:


Mobile Business Intelligence

  • Access important business information on smartphones and tablets
  • Any device with a browser: smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPhone 

BI Dashboards 

  • Customized dashboards based on what’s important for each line of business
  • Allow for key decision makers to get information at the forefront
  • Cockpit views for executives
  • Simplify user experience with an easy to use format

Analytics and Reporting

  • Measure business goals through automated reporting
  • Facilitate fast decision making with access to streamlined information

Predictive Industry Analysis

  • Predict trends through intuitive tools that utilize a historical view of business data
  • Protect margins through data-driven forecasting

Data-Driven Business Analytics 

  • Integrate disparate systems and streamline data into one cohesive source
  • Increase productivity by gaining visibility into inefficient processes
  • Leverage data and turn it into actionable insights

End User Adoption Analysis

  • Audit of how end users are using the available tools
  • Create a plan on how to increase the usage
  • Allows your business to get the most out of the investment


Revenue Cycle Management

Provides revenue cycle and financial management consulting services to a national client base of hospitals, physicians and other healthcare provider organizations. While our vision has remained constant, our services have evolved progressively to meet and sometimes shape the changing environment facing healthcare today.

We are committed to providing clients with creative and practical solutions to the problems and issues they face. InfiniteOptions specializes in assisting providers toward strengthened financial positions through:

  • Increased cash flow
  • Lower bad debt expense
  • Improved patient/customer satisfaction with financial services
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Increased productivity

Results are achieved through a comprehensive line of professional services in hospital management and physician practice management.

Core revenue cycle consulting competencies include:

  • Patient access
  • Patient financial services
  • Health information management (HIM)
  • Revenue management
  • Revenue Cycle Management Service Offerings

  Situation Analysis

  • Objective operations assessment designed to serve as the basis for planning and decision making

Operations Action Plans

  • The Plan Of Action (POA) process is a proprietary service wherein Near term leads your organization through a very structured process aimed at establishing targeted change.

Implementation Assistance

  • We deliver the additional “horsepower” and experience you need when implementing certain planned activities

Organization Development

  • Our team of professionals serve as the catalyst your organization needs in the development process

Centralization and Decentralization

  • We specialize in assisting providers with all aspects of centralization and decentralization, from the earliest considerations through the continuum

Other Services

  • In conjunction with the services described above, we develop and document policies and procedures, present customized training programs, design reporting packages, provide conversion assistance and a variety of other offerings to meet your organization’s specific needs