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What Gives Us Purpose Each Day?

To fill the gap organizations face in their transformational journey; To provide practical advice, thought leadership through our resources in support of an organization's strategic initiatives. To supplement our clients Information Technology and Business needs while providing cost effective strategies to that have measureable return.

"To leave things better then when we started them..."

Who are we?

A network of committed, seasoned IT, Clinical and Business leaders with the passion to educate and lead industry transformation effort. We are committed to facilitating a shift in the industry paradigms and challenge organizations to break the bonds of conventional thinking.

We strive to facilitate innovation and nurture meaningful change.  To provide a positive impact on the human condition.

Our Values:
What do we stand for?  

  • Integrity in our Actions
  • Striving for a Standard of Excellence
  • Applying A Critical Approach to Change
  • Cultivating Mutually Beneficial and Collaborative Relationship
  • Do No Harm To clients of partners;
  • Pursue a Passion for our Fellow Man

How should our clients and partners view us?

As trusted advisors and proven resources on technology and business strategy matters.   Industry influencers and transformers

Philanthropist of just causes...

Where are we going?  

Our firm competes for opportunities in the US and International Healthcare Market, Life Sciences and related areas.

How do we compete?

By employing seasoned business strategist and technologist committed to servicing our clients with innovative best practices at a valued based price.  In addition, our firm has cultivated and vetted valued partnership with well respected industry leaders, educational institution and companies who extend our capabilities and balance our portfolio of solutions.